Our Services

Professional Cleanings

We provide high quality dental cleanings tailored to your individual oral health. We diagnose, treatment plan and treat gingivitis and periodontitis to help you maintain your teeth.

We ​restore your teeth with the latest technology in tooth colored resin fillings, as well as the tried and true amalgam fillings. We thoroughly explain your diagnosis and decide which will be best for you on an individual basis.

Dental Fillings

When necessary, we repair and replace missing teeth with crowns and bridges. We utilize the latest in dental materials to make sure you get a strong and esthetics replacement to your natural tooth.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

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Proudly Serving Hawkins, Holly Lake Ranch, & Surrounding Communities.

Dental Implants​

Dental implants are the single most efficient way to replace missing teeth and stabilize dentures. In many cases the implants are placed and restored at our Hawkins office. In certain scenarios we utilize our team of dental specialist in both Tyler & Longview for implant placement.

Losing teeth is never easy. We value each tooth and will always educate you on the most efficient replacement options.


Dentures & Partials

Often times there are several options when replacing teeth. If a complete denture, or a removable partial denture, is what works best for your case; we are happy to custom design & fabricate a prosthesis just for you.

Our Location

1 Mile North of Brookshires

In case of a dental emergency, we have same day appointment slots specifically for you. We will evaluate, plan and many times treat same day. 

Emergency Exams

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